For starters

It’s interesting that things once regarded, studied or managed as completely separate are now coming together.

A few examples.

I work in publishing. Not so terribly long ago, writers wrote; production was handled by others, whether you were printing a magazine or posting content on the Web. Now, of course, writers must also be producers. The more a writer or editor knows about HTML, Dreamweaver, blogging tools, analytics software, RSS feeds, etc, the better off that editor will be.

I cover risk management and security, particularly from the POV of executive leadership at medium- to large-size companies. Not so terribly long ago, there were two very distinct fields: information security and physical security. Over the past several years there’s been a growing realization that you can save money and get better security by managing the two together. That’s been driven partly by fusion at a technical level, as physical security systems (surveillance cameras, access control systems) are running over the same corporate IP networks that information security applications protect.

This is fun. It’s also incredibly demanding on the people working in the affected fields. Generally speaking, though, reassembly of this kind is irresistable. Meaning that if you resist, you’re out of work. But the focus has to be on the fun, not the pain. How often in life do you get to go through seismic professional changes? It stimulates the brain. I’m all for it. I aim to use this blog to observe and decipher these types of changes across a variety of fields and subjects. Hope you’ll chime in.

6 thoughts on “For starters

  1. welcome aboard! you’ll be hard-pressed to be as witty and insightful as I am, but somehow i think you’ll manage just fine. You’re off to a great start…

  2. >>you’ll be hard-pressed to be as witty and insightful as I am

    Hey Rob – you definitely set the bar high… (But I fondly recall the marketing tagline for the Farley/Spade movie Tommy Boy: “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.”)

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