Death of print, maybe

Here’s marketing genius Rob O’Regan blogging about other marketing genius David Churbuck blogging about the death of print publishing. (Yes, they’re really geniuses. I have had the pleasure of working with both of them.)

Rob says print will remain viable for niche publishing. (Unless the niche is “old people who hate computers”, I’m not sure why the niche wants print. I’ll try to construct an argument: Niches want highly specialized information. That implies depth. Depth= length. Long articles play well in magazines and not very well on Web sites. Am I getting warmer? Rob?)

David says “game is over for print-based products. Get over it.” Okay, I’m over it. Where I get crinkly is on this handy immigrant/native meme. A young person gets hired to do Web publishing work and given some automatic credibility based on his or her presumed, um, nativity. Then we discover, for example, that this young person actually writes headlines that are friendly to neither humans NOR Google.  IMO every dog, old or new, has got some tricks to learn right now. Unless you just want the immigrant label as a body tag to slap on old expensive people so you can ship them off to the morgue, it’s a meme that has to be handled with some care.