Top chef

Season One was addictive. Season Two is methadone. You only take it because it’s hard to quit cold turkey. This season’s candidates have seldom passed over any opportunity to debase themselves.

However, the three fusion cuisines on last night’s episode were interesting. Hawaiian/Spanish, Hawaiian/Mediterranean, and Hawaiian/Sam’s Pickle Shop. (I can’t count Marcel’s Hawaiian/Xanthan Gum as a distinct cuisine.)

Fusion cooking is interesting because there is a strange element of creativity involved. You can do it on a very elemental, mechanical level. For example, take characteristically Asian ingredients and cook them in a characteristically Italian format (et voila’, hamachi lasagna!). But to do it well would seem to require a knack for pairing flavors that aren’t normally associated with each other.

Update: p.s. is one of the worst websites I have the displeasure to use. So I will not link there.


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  1. Hi and thanks. Bravo’s design borders on complete visual chaos. The bigger problem, though, is that they seem determined to maximize the number of times you must click before reaching the information you want. Wonder whether that’s intentional (to jack up their page/ad views) or the result of incompetence.

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