Competitive Rock Paper Scissors

Over Presidents’ Day weekend, I will join 1200 or so other chessplayers at the US Amateur Team East tournament. I will spend $500 or so, play six games of chess, arrive home very late Monday night and suffer the next day at work. Most fun you can have playing chess.

The sight of 1200 or so chessplayers with this same level of fixation is always striking and slightly comical. (Among other inconveniences, the playing hall – after two solid days of occupation by 1200 nervous chessplayers – doesn’t smell particularly fresh.) This has lead me to a casual search of other games with similar competitive scenes.

My favorite so far: Rock Paper Scissors.

Among other delights their site currently features an RPS dramatic short from YouTube and the ever popular, interactive Martok-Singleton RPS Player Profile. It helps you figure out your rock-paper-scissors playing style. The profiler quiz is actually hilarious. (I’m “logical”, which is a baffling mismatch with the nonsensical, chaotic way I play chess.)

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