Top chef finale

And so it ends. Ilan wins. Marcel loses but unlike Tiffani last year is not kicked to the curb with television’s second-worst catchphrase, “Please pack your knives and go.” (TV’s worst catchphrase is of course “Boom goes the dynamite” as you surely knew.)

Most of the reaction I’ve seen on the Web has been quite negative. My first reaction was negative too. I wanted to care who won and found at the moment of decision that I did not care. But at least it was about who cooked the best meal.

Viewer reactions are in fact more interesting than the finale itself. When you watch a TV show or movie and talk to the characters (“His cranberry foam looks nasty!”), that seems normal. When you go online and make the same groundless proclamations of opinion in writing (“Marcel’s food was OBVIOUSLY better!”), somehow it seems rather ridiculous. It’s the inanity of sports talk radio but worse because it’s captured for posterity.

Of course this is the pot calling the kettle black, since I’m sitting here blogging my opinion of their opinions. So it goes.