Blog sociology, part 2

My, how the time flies. I’ve been in Colorado Springs and New York, which are very similar except that one of them is pleasant.

I like the phrase “blog rot”. The web has quickly developed a number of useful phrases and portmanteau words, almost all of them derogatory (which says something about either the medium or its denizens, or both). Trolling, linkbaiting, clickwhoring. Lovely stuff.

Linkbaiting is a funny term when used as some sort of slam. C’mon, any time any blogger posts anything, that’s basically what they’re doing. We all traffic in traffic.

Trolling: That’s a puzzling behavior. I would like to identify a related but distinct species. The kind of person I’m talking about does not have his own blog, but becomes a regular participant in discussion on the blog of a person with whom they invariably disagree. They aren’t there strictly to post blatant stupidities and rile people up; they aren’t there strictly to insult the host; they aren’t there for idealogical reasons (Democrat trying to convert a Republican blogger for instance). They’ve just made this curious decision to plug into the world of blogs via a host blogger whose opinions they detest.

Ever encountered such a person? I’m sure there’s a catchy name to be coined for this. (Blog candiru? Nah, that’s a little too strong.)