Making wine, spodee-odee

With apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis and Stick McGhee.

This week we made wine. Picking and stomping grapes under the Tuscan sun? Rolling massive oak barrels? Romping through a stoney wine cellar in France (or at least Napa)?  Nope, none of that.

In fact, it started with about ten minutes’ work six weeks ago in Barleycorn’s, a former laundromat converted into a small beer brewery. The winemaking kit is a bag of concentrate, a yeast additive and some wood chips, if you want them.

Sterlize bucket, dump in juice, toss in yeast, toss in chips, seal.

Come back in six or eight weeks. The Barleycorn’s staff had transferred our nascent wine off the yeast into a glass container in the interim. This week we bottled it, added labels created by my wife, and trucked home about 24 bottles of pinot noir and 24 of chardonnay.

In six months or a year I’ll let you know how they taste. If they’re any good, it’s a cost-effective way to create nice unique gifts and dinner parties. Or cultivate a drinking problem.


5 thoughts on “Making wine, spodee-odee

  1. Actually making beer looks like more fun. You have a lot more latitude in selecting ingredients, depending on what kind of brew you want. Also you have to cook it, i.e. stand and stir the mix in a big copper bat for 60 or 90 minutes or something like that. So people come in groups and take turns stirring while the rest sit at the picnic table and play cards. And sample beer left by previous brewers. It’s kind of like tailgating, come to think of it.

  2. wine spodee odee reminds me of that movie they play now and again on the comdey channel, about a guy searching for whatever, and the old famous character actor offers the kid some….
    wow, this comment is a total waste of your time, sorry…

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