How people find this blog

A few of the more interesting search-engine phrases that have lead recent visitors to Reassembler:

  • explain gator tail food
  • Wikipedia Rabbits
  • psychology metaphor with food
  • image asian gigantic melon free

As it happens, I have eaten gator tail. I have also eaten rabbit, but not Wikipedia Rabbit specifically. The asian gigantic melon thing, I’m not quite sure how to take that.


8 thoughts on “How people find this blog

  1. i laugh sometimes when i see what people search to get to a blog…
    although, “image asian gigantic melon free” is pretty hard to beat….

  2. It’s almost like the search engine says, ‘We can’t make any sense out of this search phrase; um, let’s just throw it over to Reassembler.’

  3. One of the biggies for my blog is “my hair hurts” [i wrote a blog months ago titled “3 things that make my hair hurt.” I guess hair pain is a common affliction. Sad, really. Ironic too, since the only hair I have left on my head is coming out of my nose and ears …

  4. I tried to find you with “image asian gigantic melon free”, I could not find you. Today I had “Life is boring” (referring to the post It is raining, it is pouring my life is so boring) , “a kelly family I cant help my self” and one that makes me curious about the last words “painting of woman sitting on bed putting”.

    These terms are more exciting that the stats, they make me smile and leave me wondering.

  5. Hi radiantwoman. I was too lazy to check (!) but I am mystified by the image asian whatever search. Occasionally I find myself suspicious of the stats n’ so forth that WordPress delivers…

  6. Suspicion is always a good thing, stats are not transparent. We are in Google-claws here you know. And they are not famous for their telling how they know and keep everything from us anyway.

    Stats are something to keep you busy with the things that don’t matter. Consider preparing a delicious gigantic melon instead LOL.

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