Interesting posts elsewhere

Because everything’s related if you stare at it long enough:

Michael Fitzgerald writes in Jane’s New Game about former puppeteer Jane McGonigal and her new endeavor, World Without Oil, a collaborative exploration of what-happens-when…

David Churbuck on fishing weirs and fykes and how to cook bluefish (“Take one bluefish, preferably one caught early in the morning and then thrown into the stern of the motorboat back by the scupper plugs where it can curl, get stiff in the sun and baste in rainbow patina of gasoline and two-stroke outboard oil….”)

Which reminds me of Food Musings on how to not cook a lobster tail (Step 9: “Do not argue over how long it takes to cook lobster. Do not run into the bathroom and sit there, sobbing, while your boyfriend/girlfriend figures it out. In between sobs, do not shriek that you are deleting your food blog and never cooking anything again….”)

Rob O’Regan on the curiously outdated “upfront” purchase of network television advertising.