Words of the day: reassemblies

Fulcrumb   The exact point on a slice of pie that counterbalances the crust, such that when your fork cuts off the fulcrumb, the piece of pie falls over backwards. A culinary tipping point.

Javoulet     A cassoulet is a French stewpot dish of white beans and herbs and duck or goose or lamb etc. The longer you cook it, the more tender and aromatic and tasty it becomes. Legend has it that in some French countryside restaurants, the cassoulet pot never gets emptied or washed. Every night they just add more new beans and more meat and keep stewing, using the day’s leftovers like bread starter. Javoulet is a mashup of cassoulet and java, denoting the ever-more-fungal stuff drunk by office workers who never wash out their coffee mugs.

Yeah, I made those up.


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