People, like crabs

Crabs – at least the varieties on The Deadliest Catch – live on top of each other at the bottom of the shallow parts of the ocean. Thank heavens for exoskeletons. This biomass, this giant communal pile of crustaceans, wanders around down there looking for food.

Frankly it reminds me of pop culture. Or of the Web. Two days ago the Daily Dirt linked to Reassembler. Traffic for that one day went through the roof. (I have a low roof.) They clicked, they arrived and consumed that single post (clicking on nothing else), then off they scuttled en masse across the ocean floor to find their next meal elsewhere. Watching the traffic patterns is like fishing the Bering Sea. One pot is stuffed with 100 crab. The next pot is empty. The crab have moved on. 

Incidentally, while the red king crab lives no deeper than perhaps 50 meters, its relative the scarlet king crab lives as deep as 1000 meters. The biggest ocean crab is the Japanese Spider Crab, and the biggest terrestrial crab is the Coconut Crab. Pictures here. Other crab facts here.

All things considered, crabs may be much more interesting than people (although we can’t be sure because crabs don’t blog).