More on MonRoi and online marketing

There is an interesting anonymous post in reponse to my post on MonRoi. I think this exchange is worth surfacing in a new post. Here is my response to that comment.

Hi Anonymous. I regret that I don’t have time to do this personally, but I think it would be a valuable exercise to go back to the Daily Dirt postings and count:
1. The number of people who say “I will never buy MonRoi” in response to Mig’s posts or indeed in response to the delay problems in broadcasting the US championship games, and
2. The number of people who say “I will never buy MonRoi” in response to posts BY MONROI.
I’ll give you a hint as to the outcome of this exercise: The second number is very high, and the first number is close to zero. So Mig’s damage to MonRoi is nothing, and MonRoi’s damage to itself is significant.

Really, I’d recommend strongly to anyone involved in Internet marketing or customer service that they spend time reading a few specific blogs. One would be David Churbuck’s blog. David is the former online general manager at my company and now the head of Internet marketing for PC manufacturing powerhouse Lenovo. On his blog (in between reports on his rowing machine workouts) he quotes and links to both positive and negative feedback on Lenovo’s products and customer service. He does this not to call the negative posters dummies, but to work toward honest conversation and to establish Lenovo as a brand responsive to customer feedback. Another good source of understanding is Rob O’Regan’s blog. Rob is the former editor of CMO Magazine and really attuned to issues of brand image and customer service online. 

And there are lots of other good blogs about this subject. Brand Autopsy in particular is one that strikes me as potentially useful for MonRoi.

What you will learn from all these blogs is that negative customer comments are a part of life on the Internet. The Internet is a giant conversation. The hours spent trying to stamp out any negativity with aggressive tactics and litigation will only make the avalanche grow. It makes people angry. It makes YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS angry.

What you do instead is embrace the feedback and the customer behind it. If you can make that person happy, or even merely demonstrate to everyone else reading that you’re a decent joe making a good faith effort, then the net effect is positive. Positive. Your brand can grow from this discussion.

Incidentally, I read the post on the Canadian message board in which Mig “ falsely claims that Canadians dropped religion, that the Canadian dollar is worthless, that people from Canada are jerks (or viagras)…” O goodness. You are kidding, right? He certainly was. And if you read the responses on that message board, you see (as of this moment) ZERO people responding that they are offended, and a few people responding that they think his message is funny.

A sense of humor is really, really going to be critical for survival in the Internet era. Not just for individuals, but for companies.


2 thoughts on “More on MonRoi and online marketing

  1. Here is what I read on some blog. O goodness, someone is really kidding:

    Me, you and Greeny

    Welcome to the Play: Me, You and Greeny. The stage of this play is a cave called “Dirty Blogus”. And there is just one actor, named Mr. Greedy, ups, pardon Mr. Greeny. He said: “You trolls are in my cave so I assume you want to hear me. This is what I call freedom of speech: Elves are jerks, let’s burn them and after all Elves suck because I sad so – Who is with me? Who is bloody with me? Those Elves are immortal and they sing terrible songs of beauty and wisdom. Sickening. Let’s burn them.”

    You may ask yourself “why Elves suck” in Mr. Greeny speech. The motive is a primitive one: Not ME but YOU. He is green, green and is promising You from now on: Me without Them. He pronounces Elves are puppets and starts binding spells (for more info on Spellcasting consult wikipedia Welcome to the Muppet Show, in my Puppet Dirty State (

    In his demagogic action: “Let’s burn them” Let’s vanquish them” Mr. Greeny publishes his pathetic, crying Article: MR, Me and You (read Let Me scum). He also opens several new email accounts, new blogs and makes up anonymous names to do his muddy job easier. Greeny1, Greeny2, Greeny3 will all agree with him. Later he goes to relax and listen to his favorite orchestra called Manipulator (

    He knows that his shoddy Do-Re-Me and You will rouse up O many emotions in people — bigger kids like the shakers too. After all, Mr Greeny should immediately thank in the Dirty Puppet State to all people that he treated like Me Tarzan You Cheeta. How much is he paid for Let Me scum job. Is it at least good enough for the airfare to Paris and for one dress of Yves Saint Laurent for his wife?

    I can’t understand why such an honest bloggy, as Mr. Greeny, didn’t put a simple disclaimer- “I need to make money to buy a new dress for my wife” and I am unemployed, on the page where he is daily “dirting”. He should state: I am “dirting” on others because I am paid to do so. We would understand that, at least Shakespeare did: “Frailty, your name is women”. I mean this is well known from ancient Greece: A proper wife should be as obedient as a slave. The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities – natural defectiveness (Aristotle).

    Blogging me Blogging you and so Miguron, Mr. Greeny & Migee became a new video game, for which I am going to get myself copyrights. Get Green or Die Trying.

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