Top Chef season 3

Here we go.

The new season of Top Chef kicked off last night with a cook-off between top contestants from the first two go-rounds. Predictably, the chefs from the first installment won, and their successors acted like children.

And in the endless torrent of promotion for this third season, Bravo focused on the Machiavellian stuff and not the food. The swearing, the name-calling, the drunken faceoffs and braggadocio and backstabbing and flirting.

I’m sure Bravo has focus-grouped this to death, but there are some folks who actually tune in to see what gets cooked. Watching professionals re-enact middle school drama wore out quickly last season.


6 thoughts on “Top Chef season 3

  1. I remember watching the first few seasons of “Survivor” because of the actual desert island survival stuff, but the social interaction crap quickly overtook all that. They might as well be taping it in a studio (maybe they are!?).

    Now I have the much better “Survivorman” and “Man vs. Wild” shows cluttering my TiVo. Perhaps you should just switch to “Rachel Ray” Derek. :)


  2. Right. Man vs. Wild I have only seen once but it was quite fascinating. (More so than Rachel Ray.)

    If the trend holds, season three of Man vs. Wild will be a soap opera in which that dude berates and threatens his cameraman while camping in the Shopper’s World parking lot.

  3. Man, I am so mad I missed that last night. I flipped by it and thought it was a re-run. I loved season 1 but was disappointed with season 2. Personally, I think it’s a better show than Food Networks Star.

    Sam should have won season 2.

  4. Right on.
    If not Sam, I hate to say it but Marcel should have won. Despite doing a foam and a gelee for every course, he demonstrated way more range than Spanish Ilan. They need to do a better job rewarding risk takers.
    Thanks for taking time to comment!

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