How people find this blog, part 2

Recent searches include:

  • Hair hurts
  • Hormel chili in Canada

 and, once again,

  • Wikipedia rabbits

What is this ongoing fascination with Wikipedia rabbits? That phrase leads a visitor to Reassembler nearly every day. (Maybe it’s the same guy every time?)

Other search phrases that generate a low, steady current of guests:

  • Rickson by armbar (explained in this post)
  • Crystal meth junkies (getting electrocuted here)
  • Spodee-odee (casually referenced here)
  • Good heavens Miss Sakamoto (thank you Mr. Dubly)

Update: Ooh, today somebody got here off a search for “white bread and stomach reaction.” Excellent.


2 thoughts on “How people find this blog, part 2

  1. Some of the oddball searches are hilarious, simply because you know they’re not looking for you. Some of my favorites were “how do you know when someone is on psilocybin”, “ronald mcdonald motivation poster”, and “racist toothpaste”.

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