Farewell, Yumtopia

The local KFC/Taco Bell, a dispirited split-level affair with grungy floors and sagging furniture, had a mural in the back depicting a town in which the center of life was the KFC outlet. Every cheerful pedestrian in the painting carried a take-out sack; every vehicle sported the KFC logo. I meant to take a picture of it and post the image on Reassembler. I liked to call it “Yumtopia”, this happy little town. (Yum! Brands is the name of the company that owns KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and some other chains. “Alone we’re delicious…together we’re Yum!”)

But yesterday as I drove by I saw that remodeling work had commenced, and the mural is no more.

Farewell, Yumtopia – you gave the residents of humble Framingham something better to aspire to.


8 thoughts on “Farewell, Yumtopia

  1. I believe the time has come for KFC to revert to “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and ride the backlash wave of anti-healthy/PC/correctness that is sure to sweep the Nation!

    Maybe they could offer a Drumstick and Quinoa combo to placate the sandals-and-black-socks-wearing Cambridge crowd.

    (No offense Derek, I don’t place you in that group, quinoa notwithstanding :) )


    P.S. re: your game last night, I heard Josh Friedel say, “You study, and study, and study [rook and pawn endings], then you get in one and you feel like an IDIOT!” Tough loss.


  2. re: food Everyone should stock up on transfat now, while you still have the chance…

    re: chess Are you saying I looked like an idiot? :) I hate losing when there’s no material imbalance. Sigh. Joe played it well and schooled me.

  3. No, you didn’t look like an idiot! (Didn’t mean to imply that).

    It looked like you had the draw, but it takes soooo much time to figure out stuff that looks so simple. Damn analog clocks! :)

    P.S. I noticed some strange scribblings on your scoresheet… it looked like it might be *algebraic notation*! Could it be?

  4. I think it was still lost, that endgame. He actually kills a tempo so he can capture my d-pawn further away from my king. Missed your game entirely. Next week try playing until midnight so maybe I can catch YOUR endgame!

    Very observant – switched to algebraic. Symbolic of my desire to keep improving even now that I’m officially over the hill.

  5. D-Slay goes kicking and screaming into the 80s!

    I didn’t make it to an endgame. Once again, I crushed a French defense (it really is a bad opening; that and the Caro-Kann. Pawns can move two squares.) and was up an exchange and two pawns, but fell into a perpetual. Ugh.

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