Recent iPod additions

Capital G – Nine Inch Nails
Dashboard – Modest Mouse
Evil – Interpol
Little Sister – Queens of the Stone Age
Sick Sick Sick – Queens of the Stone Age
Worldwide Suicide – Pearl Jam

Nothing from the 80s. And a little dark for me. Maybe I should track down some old acoustic Howard Jones just to keep my balance.


2 thoughts on “Recent iPod additions

  1. Do you remember when Pepsi had a bottletop promotion for free iTunes songs? It turned out you could just tip the bottle on it’s side and read the underside of the cap with little difficulty. I was notorious at the roach coach for grabbing every Diet Pepsi bottle and peering one-eyed down it’s side and proclaiming “Loser, Loser, Winnah!” Most of my “Purchased Songs” list comes from those efforts.

    Needless to say, they stopped doing that promo.


  2. And in my misspent youth McDonald’s had a promotion with scratch cards you could see through (if you held them up to a lightbulb). Oops! That one cost them a lot of small fries.

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