File under “Better to have loved and lost”

My friend, the inactive International Master chessplayer, in response to the question of whether he’ll be entering any tournaments any time soon:

“Right now it is just painful for me to watch myself play.”

Hard to imagine being rated 2400+ and still appalled by your own chess. His worst is still better than my best. Guess everything’s relative.


4 thoughts on “File under “Better to have loved and lost”

  1. As long as there’s someone better, there’s always more to strive for. If I ever sniff 2000 (not close now), that would be more than enough.

  2. Hey David – thanks – I can’t post comments on your blog (my browser won’t display the captcha graphic). I was reading your exchange with BDK and wanted to tell you: You’re a kook! (And by now you must know that’s a term of affection in my book.)

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