How to turn right in Massachusetts

1. Several hundred yards out, begin to slow down.

2. Drift wide to the left, as if drunk, or turning in that direction, or driving a tractor trailer.

3. After you’ve entered the intersection, whip the car suddenly to the right and gun it.

4. (Optional) As you complete the turn, briefly engage turn signal to inform people of what you already did.


3 thoughts on “How to turn right in Massachusetts

  1. Thanks for the tip. Some in Miami would recommend the finger rather than the signal in step 4.

    A quirk down here: when the left arrow light turns red, that indicates 3 more vehicles are permitted to make said left turn.

  2. Ha!

    In North Carolina it was almost the opposite: Slow down, slow down some more, slow down further, come to a complete stop … and … then ……… turn.

    But that was two decades back, and the population of the Triangle has quintupled, so they probably all drive like the rest of the East Coast lunatics now.

    (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have driving issues.)

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