Word of the day: Erumpent

Bursting through.

Used in botany to describe a fungus which develops beneath the surface of a host plant and then bursts through as the fungus matures.

This could lead the incautious reader into the bizarre world of mushrooms and spores and fruiting bodies. Which may remind said reader of the disturbing and wonderful and funny Ambergris, a moldy fantasy/scifi setting erumpent from the twisted mind of Jeff Vandermeer.


5 thoughts on “Word of the day: Erumpent

  1. Hi Jeff – toss it in a book eh :)

    May I take the opportunity to say I bought City of Madmen* blind in an airport and got a huge kick out of it. I laughed really hard when I realized what was up with the King Squid dude in particular. (Academic background here.)

    * there were a ton more madmen then saints by my count!

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