Top Chef 3 and arrogance

Hung rapidly emerged from this season’s huddled mass of Top Chef contestants. He’s clearly very skilled – a contender for the crown – but also portrayed as completely insufferable. That might involve some slight-of-hand on the part of the editors, but he’s certainly giving them plenty of material to work with. Hung’s comment last week about one of America’s top chefs “not getting the concept” being a prime example.

While you have to respect people who are confident in their abilities, you also have to wonder: If nobody can tell him anything, how does he learn?


5 thoughts on “Top Chef 3 and arrogance

  1. still, i like him. i’m still kinda pissed marcel didnt win last season. i think top chef kicks next food network star’s ass….

  2. Hey CL – yes, Marcel was the more creative chef in the final two last season. And if I had to put down money right now, it’d be on Hung.

    Just watched FN’s bit for the first couple of times. It’s okay but not as gripping, agree.

  3. [Jen’s comment, transferred:]

    I’m feeling the same way about Hung; it bothers me that when he gets criticism from master chefs he automatically assumes THEY are wrong. He has to wonder–if he’s so great and perfect, why isn’t he a world-renown chef already?

    I just miss Dave. I’m not your bitch, bitch!

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