Google juice

By looking at traffic coming in off search engines, you can discover words and phrases for which your blog shows up high on Google. For commercial blogs, of course, Google Juice is the essence of life; big Google traffic turns into big bucks. Reassembler is currently on the first results page for all kinds of useful stuff, like

  • reassembler (#1)
  • point where a piece of pie falls over (#1)
  • good heavens miss sakamoto (#2)
  • pawns moving sideways
  • explain Rickson by armbar
  • vasty hall of death
  • competitive rock paper scissors
  • wikipedia rabbits
  • bathrooms unspeakable (#1)
  • ecuadorian line cooks (#1)
  • yumtopia (#1)
  • folk plus hip-hop (#1)
  • milla vanilla (and yes, I know that’s not the name of the group)
  • what happens in parsippany stays in parsippany

I guess you can see why this isn’t a commercial blog.


6 thoughts on “Google juice

  1. CL – I take that as an expression of your intent to pay me millions for Ah, at last, the big cash-out! Finally I’ll be able to attend culinary school, take chess lessons and write my novel. Thanks man.

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