Google juice, a postscript

I am distressed to discover that Reassembler’s post Linguist of Fortune turns up #1 on the Google search – displacing the real Linguist of Fortune. I apologize to my brother Keith and all his fake linguist colleagues.  I only meant to further publicize your intellectual achievement.

However I will now blatantly try to achieve the same effect on commercially viable phrases including

  • How to win on the stock market!
  • Where to buy an iPhone!
  • Paris Hilton!

[Update: No luck so far. Drat.] [Double update: #45 and rising! See comments!]


6 thoughts on “Google juice, a postscript

  1. Awesome!

    Perhaps if we continue to discuss “where to buy an iPhone” in the comments, my ranking on the “where to buy an iPhone” search will rise. And then somebody with a commerical interest in “where to buy an iPhone” will presumably start a bidding war against chessloser for my domain name.

    Then if I can get the pre-deteriorated convenience store bathroom market going as you previously suggested, might have to go on auction at Sotheby’s.

  2. Well, at least you didn’t upstage my article on Evidential Complexity in Sherpa. That would have been a real tragedy. Lots of Google hits on that one.

  3. Apparently someone has recently decided that isn’t dangerous. Questionable judgment.

    Stop calling it Linguist of Fortune. It only had that name for one or two issues. Now it’s “Speculative Grammarian.”

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