Top Chef 3: Joey and Howie

This judges’ table killed me. I like seeing Joey and Howie get over their early spat – you imagine them saying, “Hey, he yells, I yell, no hard feelin’s.”

I don’t think either one of them wins the season. Too inconsistent. Though I almost jumped through the TV screen to get Howie’s apple and fennel slaw in a previous episode.

Joey should consider going by Joe. This whole I’M FROM NEW YAWK AND NEW YAWK IS GREAT AND I TAWK FUNNY thing is so tired.

Yes, same for Boston. Why do I support regional cuisine but not regional accents? Guess I’m inconsistent too.

[Postscript: With Casey and Lia also having professed their undying friendship, as the show went on the sense grew that one of them was doomed – although I thought it was going to be Casey. Which just tells you that the editors have my number.

Also, now that I think about it – nobody on this season has been perfectly consistent. So maybe Howie’s as viable as anybody else.]

2 thoughts on “Top Chef 3: Joey and Howie

  1. Actually, the New England dialect (it’s more than an accent really) is quite interesting linguistically.

    Basically it branched away from English English in Elizabethan times and many of the constructs from then survive here but no longer in England.

    But thinking about that stuff too hard makes me tired and thirsty. I’m going to have a tonic and hit the hay.

  2. If you go Downeast it’s very obvious where American English and our New England dialect comes from. You are SURE those old fisherman are from the UK to hear them talk to each other at 5am.

    I like C.J.–tall and snarky.

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