Checkers solved

Chinook, the computer program, has solved checkers. With best play by both sides, it’s a draw. No big surprise there.

Chessplayers, our game is officially on the clock….


6 thoughts on “Checkers solved

  1. they solved checkers? i didn’t know checkers needed solving. “solving checkers” sounds like, to me, and i know it’s not the same, i’m talking strictly vocabulary and grammar and words, it sounds like “i finished the internet.” well, with checkers solved, i guess that put’s a lot of professional checkers players out with nowhere to go….

  2. Right, but this is the thing. Next it’ll be “chess solved”, and we’ll know whether white’s first-move advantage provides a forced win, and how to get there if it is.

    Which will be a bummer.

    p.s. I love “I finished the Internet.” :)

  3. Fortunately, the article mentioned it would take eons for computers–at current speeds–to solve chess.

    That having been said, they can already kick our butts, and it does not a very good taste in the mouth.

  4. I think this is wicked cool.

    For those who lament the “defeat” of human intellect, don’t forget that we developed the machines, software, and mostly had the curiosity to aceive this. Besides, International Draughts is played on a 10×10 board and won’t be solved anytime soon, if ever.

    As for chess, as long as there are players like Morozevich working on and playing the game, we’ll be all right.


  5. It’s not the man-vs-machine angle that’s a bummer. I agree with the school of thought that says, so a computer can beat a chessmaster, and a racecar can beat a sprinter, well big whoopidy do.

    The bummer is the answering of a question that was more fun unanswered.

  6. So no more challenge anymore. Who is going to play a programmed game where in you couldn’t beat. Trying it for a few times will do, but waisting time knowing it is unbeatable is duh.


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