Mr. Beckham comes to America

I like football* on a casual basis. However, the more hype Mr. B gets, the more I’m inclined to tune it out.

So it was by pure chance that I plopped down on the couch and turned on the telly just before the Chelsea – LA game.

Two funny bits. One: the camera crush surrounding Beckham on the pregame, um, pitch. Hilarious. Two: The guy standing to the left (her right) in the occasional, okay frequent, shots of Posh and Eva Longoria in the box. When they smiled, he smiled. When they clapped, he clapped. Like a puppet on a string. Double hilarious. Much more entertaining than the actual game.

* aka Soccer. See, I’m trying to get in the spirit here.

** I created a David Beckham tag just to see what happens to my traffic today/tomorrow. I’ll post a graph if it’s interesting.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Beckham comes to America

  1. If I can get traffic with Manuel Uribe, you should be able to get some with David Beckham. Although a lot more people have interest in Beckham, so there’s a greater chance of being lost in the forest of Beckham posts.

  2. Ja, no big spike. Just as much traffic from Google searches on Posh + Eva. WordPress tags don’t seem to do much (for me anyway).

    Update: Oops. Spoke too soon. See subsequent post.

  3. dude. happy birthday! i’m posting it here, irrelevant to the post i know, but it’s the most current post and i just got back and read your blog and i missed your birthday post (blank post = wins) and that’s my reason so tough…

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