Survival mashup

Digital Headbutt mashes up Survivorman and Man vs. Wild. If you drop both guys into identical situations, who survives first? (Or should that be survives most? Or best?) Anyway, an astonishingly detailed analysis follows…


8 thoughts on “Survival mashup

  1. Thanks for the link. The Survive-Off is going to be an ongoing series in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. You can also vote on for whom you think will win.

  2. Har. That’s great. I love both shows, but neither one really offers good advice for us old fat grouches who may end up in a survial situation. But, building a shelter, starting a smokey fire, then waiting for help wouldn’t really make an exciting TV show.

    (Hmmm… kinda sounds like my chess games. :) )


  3. Survival: Early-middle-age Softy Edition.
    Matt and I parachute into an office park, where we break our ankles and get eaten by racoons.

    p.s. Mike: You’re welcome. Go Heels.

  4. Ha Derek! Fortunately, before we die, we break into the insecure WiFi (“WEP!? Bwaahaahaa!!!”) of the software company on the ground floor
    and get in a few last games of blitz on ICC.


  5. i know a guy who regularly corresponds with survivor man, he says survivorman is really out there doing that crap, putting survival methods to the test. man vs wild is a bit contrived, he has some good points, but he seems a bit too “polished” and “dramatic”. thing about survivorman is, he does stuff that goes against basic standard survival practices, but he lives, so, i guess he is correct….

  6. I agree that Man versus Wild is entertaining and informative but yes, every time he says something like “this could be really treacherous” I mentally append “but I’m sure my cameraman will be okay too.” Sorta busts the illusion of solitude.

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