Down time

I will now attempt vacation.

If it works, the blog will be dark for a week. Aside from whatever entertaining comments you should choose to leave in my absence.

Hope you are also finding time to enjoy the summer!


4 thoughts on “Down time

  1. good luck on the vacation. relax, enjoy, watch top chef reruns, we’ll be here, patiently waiting for you when you get back…

  2. It’s vaguely frightening that you have to “attempt” to have a vacation instead of being certain about it. But it’s the same with my boss.

    Oh, well. It’s probably a good idea. Have fun!

  3. Thanks chessloser!

    Egg (your easy to type nick on here – sorry) – :) but in my case it’s not my boss, just the nature of the job – small team, somebody on maternity leave, etc.

    Matt – thanks (I think!)

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