Intermezzo: Linked in

First of all, I’m not blogging. I’m on vacation. Got that? :) Thanks for the well-wishes and comments on various posts – I’ll be back Thursday in all likelihood.

Something I’ve been entertaining myself with on vacation is LinkedIn (wow, am I an incredibly fun Dad or what!!1!?). LinkedIn asks you to write a professional summary, and it’s good to occasionally stop and think in macro terms like that. So here’s my LinkedIn summary:

I get a huge kick out of the service part of service journalism. It’s vastly rewarding when a reader responds with some variation of “You made my job easier.”We get a lot of those emails and calls at CSO. In learning to achieve that goal of making readers successful, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the very best editors, writers and managers in B2B media: Rick Pastore, Abbie Lundberg, Lew McCreary, Scott Berinato, Sarah Scalet, Michael Goldberg and many, many others. Their presence on my list doesn’t imply that they endorse my work, but whether they like me or not, I’ve borrowed/stolen something specific from each of them.

I also find that this focus on reader success helps cut through a lot of the noise surrounding media at this time. Multimedia, blogs, feeds, citizen journalism, user generated content – it’s not nearly as confusing as all the bickering and bombast would seem to indicate. If it’s a tool for providing information your audience wants, use it.

Meanwhile, thanks to USATE teammate / co-beerdrinker Matt Phelps for tagging me in this blog-tag-thingie. I’ll get to it on my return. It strikes me that in some sense the tag questions ask the blogger to write a LinkedIn summary, only for chess instead of work.


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