Which reminds me

I love the TV commercial with Elvis Costello sitting in his car, rocking out to classical music: “It doesn’t all come to you at once,” he says.

Which reminds me of the movie The Fountain, which I watched last night with my wife. It’s a very complex movie and I admit I thought several times “Isn’t this over yet?” But after sleeping on it I realized it’s a very simple love story told in an ambitious and challenging way.

Which reminds me of Andrian Belew’s screechy Big Electric Cat and Queens of the Stone Age’s atonal droning on Sick Sick Sick – songs I didn’t initially like but eventually came to love.

Which reminds me of chess teacher Craig Jones saying “Stronger players tend to analyze positions over and over; weaker players tend not to.”

Because it doesn’t all come to you at once.


3 thoughts on “Which reminds me

  1. Richard Corliss did an interesting review of this movie which you can find on Time.com or via RottenTomatoes. It was apparently booed off the stage at the Venice film festival, but Corliss stuck up for it in his column. I certainly wouldn’t claim it’s perfect, but I have also seen its contemporary/competitor Children of Men and can’t believe you’d think that one was great and The Fountain was boo-able. Upon rumination this multigenre genre also calls to mind Vanilla Sky, which in an earlier post I compared unflatteringly to the El Camino, but – this is utterly subjective – The Fountain struck me as more consistent and intelligent. Once you realize WHY you’re watching one actor play a Spanish conquistador, a cancer research doctor and a bald zen astral traveler in pajamas, it holds to its own logic quite nicely.

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