Lighting up your brain, part twelve or whatever

On vacation we visited the Falmouth Children’s Museum. One of the displays is a set of blocks that you must use to construct various shapes (a pyramid, a letter T). There were also those interlocking blacksmith puzzles, the iron things where you’re supposed to disconnect one piece from the others and put it back again. Things to assemble and disassemble and reassemble.

I could solve the pyramid puzzle; that was like a simple math problem. And to my surprise I figured out the iron bits. Those stumped me in high school. But the letter T thing and some other 3D interlocking block challenges were beyond me and literally made my head hurt.

Which I suspect is a good thing. It dawned on me that I am pursuing mental fitness through this blog but mostly think in terms of new abstract subjects or ideas. Music theory, geometry, algebra, 3D shapes – these are things that seem to require a different kind of thought altogether, stretch the brain and maybe lighting it up in very different ways. Good stuff.


3 thoughts on “Lighting up your brain, part twelve or whatever

  1. Good to see you last night, Derek, although we didn’t talk. I’ll be around for rounds 3 & 4.

    I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep the Tuesday night schedule. I’m a vegetable this AM.

    Correction: I was already a vegetable at about 10pm, last night. I present the second half of my game as proof.

    Howard G

  2. Hey Howard – yes, it’s Wednesday, the Workday of the Living Dead.

    Glad to get a copy of the book – I have some work travel coming up and this will be my airplane reading.

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