I got ripped off

You know that thing in your front seat?

The one on the passenger side?

The one you keep looking at during your morning commute, swerving across the yellow line?

The thing that transfixes you such that you sit for an extra minute after the stoplight turns green?

You know, that thing.

My car didn’t come with it.

 I don’t know what it is, but it must be fascinating, and man, I want one.


10 thoughts on “I got ripped off

  1. It’s your laptop, playing an episode of “Firefly” that you dowloaded with Bittorrent using your BlackBerry as an EVDO modem, of course!

    Or maybe it’s running Fritz analyzing that French McCutcheon you played last night.


  2. If the latter I’m pretty sure Fritz will say James is the one who got ripped off.

    That wasn’t a McCutcheon. It was the Pirc line with the queen-for-three-minors sac. (*wink*)

  3. Sorry about that. Hopefully, it was nowhere close to the scare I got when I unwittingly stumbled across that picture! ;)

  4. It was supposed to be my passive-aggressive expression of commuter rage. But it seems to be working better as a fill-in-the-blank exercise. *Shrug.* Your interpretations of the semiotics are just as valid as my own… :)

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