Top Chef 3: the draw

This is why chess isn’t on television.

You sit through a full hour Top Chef episode, most of it Bertolli commercials, with all the attendant sturm and drang and the escalating tension. Who’s going home?

Yes, it’s about the food, but the food wasn’t very good. Howie congealed up his risotto. Tre’s tenderloin tasted like metal. The bluepoint oyster didn’t taste like oyster (which would be a plus in my book). So if the food’s a wash, who’s going home?

In the absence of a food decision, we expect a personality decision. But lo and behold, all the squabbling has disappeared. Howie’s had an epiphany. Hung’s keeping his mouth shut. When the judges ask them to throw each other under the bus, they get no takers. (Such healthy work cultures should produce healthy food. So much for Levi-Strauss.) So if the personalities are a wash, who’s going home?

And then you find out: Nobody’s going home. You invested an hour, you expected blood to be drawn, and there’s no blood. No harm, no foul. Call it a draw.

And that’s boring.


6 thoughts on “Top Chef 3: the draw

  1. Hi – that’s probably part of it, but I fear that a 1-0 soccer game is just as bad as a tie for many American sports fans. Too bad for them, they miss some of the most beautiful moments in sports…

  2. I think the real reason no one went home is because they didn’t give the first team enough set-up time. They literally walk into the kitchen and minutes later people start walking in.

    On the sports thing, Basketball is quickly becoming the world’s favorite new sport. The U.S. doesn’t win every international competition anymore, and a lot of NBA players are international. The European leagues are taking off, It’s popular in Africa. I love soccer but basketball is more exciting, and the world is catching on to it.

  3. Hi Ed. No question that opening a restaurant under those circumstances is crazy.

    I think basketball’s excitement factor depends heavily on the rules. The NBA’s years of palming the ball downcourt to set up an isolation play, followed by a grappling match, a foul and free throws – not too interesting. Of course this is true of soccer as well. Diving prima donnas, not fun. Swift technical passing, bending long-range shots, great goalkeeping saves, really fun.

  4. Hello, yeah I agree with you completely there, college basketball is a lot more fun and fair, especially after that embarassing referee tied in with the mob thing…ouch… and players don’t even stay in college these days, or just jump straight to the pros.
    Beckham is supposed to be the savior of soccer for the U.S. or something, I really don’t know what it would take to really catch on here.

  5. American soccer – always looking for a savior :) Before Beckham it was Freddy Adu, and Tab Ramos and Alexey Lalas (of all people) and so on and so forth. Personally I don’t think it needs saving; nor does chess. We can just enjoy them for what they are.

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