Blog sociology 3, or why you aren’t on my blogroll

Blogging is fun. You “meet” some interesting people (and by interesting of course I mean they’re total raving lunatics). And I get the concept of exchanging links, commenting elsewhere, actively promoting your blog, clambering up the Technorati rankings, gaining in power and influence until you can knock Om Malik and Robert Scoble from the mountaintop and make a living off Google AdWords.

That’s all dandy.

For better or for worse, I decided early on to opt out of handling my blogroll in the typical manner. There are some of you who have been kind enough to put Reassembler on your blogroll and I have not reciprocated; I have also listed quite a few blogs which take no notice of mine and never will. There’s only one blog on there that I listed as part of an actual agreed exchange (and I find it interesting anyway).

Seems to me that people don’t click on blogrolls much, and this mutual back-scratching is a prime reason. Note that I’m not arguing that link exchanges are bad; I just think they lower the random site visitor’s expectation of finding something interesting in a blogroll, or at the very least they become so long that it’s impossible to know “where the good stuff is”. Anyway I keep my blogroll fairly short and swap stuff in and out once in a great while and make it an intentionally eclectic list, in keeping with the Reassembler theme: photography, marketing, chess, autism, creativity, photography, the laundry business (!). A few such as Achimedes’ Hot Tub and Liquid Egg Product are there because they are themselves quite eclectic.

Yes, some of these folks are current or former coworkers and friends, but I really do mean for my blogroll to be full of stuff you’ll find interesting if you like Reassembler.

To anyone who links in, sincere thanks, and who knows, I’ll probably rotate you through at some point.


4 thoughts on “Blog sociology 3, or why you aren’t on my blogroll

  1. blogrolling is a subjective topic. some people treat it as a place for recommendations of interesting sites, some people treat it as a networking tool. there’s no obligation for a blogger to reciprocate links with a fellow blogger, though people are more inclined to link your blog if they know you reciprocate. ;)

  2. i occasionally go through other people’s blog rolls, when i have time and want to read some other stuff….i link the people i read, regardless if they link me or not…saves me time finding thier site…

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