Accidentally caught Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Discovery Channel. Yikes.

My own texture issues are already documented so a person like this, who can eat essentially anything on the planet, is beyond my ken. Goose intestine noodles, jellyfish, sliced pure pork lard, scorpions, worms cooked like pretzels, and so on.

Granted, these are on the regular menu for people in various places around the world. But still. Makes the exotic protein episode of Top Chef (geoduck, rattlesnake, eel) look like chicken nuggets. Maybe if I watch enough of Zimmern and Bourdain I’ll eventually wind up tucking into some haggis some day.


6 thoughts on “Eeeeewwwww

  1. Haggis isn’t so bad. I had some in a genuine Scottish castle once. Kind of like Shepard’s Pie but chunkier in a weird texture sort of way…

  2. i’ve seen the show twice, but both times were the same episode, him in japan eating frogs and crap.

    can’t say i’m a fan of the show.

    wierdest thing i ever ate, that i know of, was dog. dog soup in korea. can’t reccomment it. i also tried to cook camel on a barbeque, that didn’t work at all. my one regret was not ordering the raw horse in japan, it looked tasty.

  3. Harvey – yeah, texture weirdness always gets me.

    CL – Dog. Horse. Wow. I’ve had ostrich, goat and gator tail, but suddenly that doesn’t seem particularly exotic.

    My brother lives in China and tells the story of being intrigued by a menu item “fragrant meat” (or “fragrant surprise” or something) until his companions explained that meant it was barking a short while ago.

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