Dinner is served

Welcome. So glad you could dine with us tonight.

I see that while you waited, you enjoyed a mojito from Blue Point in Duck, NC. Excellent choice. Refreshing, vibrant, minty, aromatic. Just the right hints of sweetness and sourness.

For your appetizer I have selected two items.

The first is the green apple and parsnip soup from Summit at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. The taste is wonderful and rich and complex; the texture is smooth and perfect.

The second is pear with gorgonzola cream sauce and grilled raddichio from The Rialto in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You will find the pear perfectly prepared, the gorgonzola sauce light, zesty, ephemeral; the raddichio a wonderful accent with a little crunch and a little bitterness.

Now let me clear those plates away.

To accompany the main course tonight I have been so bold as to select Red Car pinot noir (even though I know nothing about wine pairings). Light but absolutely bursting with flavor and depth.

The main course is venison medallions and herbed gnochettini from The Bayside in Newport Beach, California. Fresh, tender, hot, succulent, the seasoning surprising and good but not overpowering, a crisped herb leaf atop the plate, every bite extraordinary in every respect.

And finally, dessert: souffle with vanilla sauce at the old Ritz Carlton in Boston. The perfect ending to a perfect meal.

What did we miss?


7 thoughts on “Dinner is served

  1. Sounds good. I would recommend adding L’espalier’s cheese course before dessert.

    I try to get to OBX twice a year, but I have never been to Blue Point. Will have to check it out on the next trip.

  2. you been reading “mastering the art of french cooking” by julia childe? dude, speaking of books, have you read “the united states of arugala?” i’m reading it now, loving it, gonna review it on my blog. i’m not trying to replace you as the chess/food guy, but damn, it’s just that good…

  3. Greg – twice a year! I’m jealous. Our other OBX favorites have included Nicoletta’s in Corolla and Chilli Pepper’s in KDH. Want to try the Tapas bar in Duck (?) also.

    Matt – I gotta go get a map for that one.

    CL – haven’t read either but will look for the latter; sounds fun

  4. Derek — OBX (Corolla) is where the in-laws are, so we try to get down there once during the summer and once around the winter holidays. Nicoletta’s is great. Same goes for Chilli Peppers.

    I haven’t tried Metropolis, which I think is the Tapas place you are referring to (it’s somewhere between Duck and Corolla, but I’m not sure exactly which town it falls in).

    Really looking forward to Blue Point, though. Your post got me fired up.

  5. Greg – yes, Metropolis. Give me a report if you get a chance :) In-laws in Corolla, lucky duck.

    Oh, cheese plate, good suggestion. I’m not so into cheese but then again if I try it at L’espalier, maybe I will be.

    Harvey – Espresso is not my cup of tea (ha) but I did think some coffee would be good. I’m just not qualified to identify good coffee. My wife would say, fly to Paris for the coffee.

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