The mullet toss

The Flora-Bama is a bar right on the Florida/Alabama line.

Each Spring a crowd gathers at the Flora-Bama for the annual interstate mullet toss.

A mullet is a kind of fish. You pay $15 to stand in Alabama and see how far you can chuck a slippery dead mullet into Florida. Winners get mullet trophies and Flora-Bama gift certificates. The entry fees go to charity. The mullet are fed to the birds.

For those of you looking down your noses, I don’t see that this is much dumber than any other festival people use as an excuse to drink.


4 thoughts on “The mullet toss

  1. Why is everyone so down on Mullets? Bring back the eighties! Flock of Seaguls… and Spandex! Though … it would not be right if I were sporting anything of these gashion items… lets leave that for the younguns.

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