8 random facts

Liquid Egg Product put me up to this. 


1. Post these rules before you give your facts.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them.
4. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Random facts about me:

1. I was in an opera. I played the silent altar/firepit boy in Aida in Memphis in about 1977. I appeared onstage wearing a loincloth, white body paint, purple eye shadow and a curly black wig. I accidentally went onstage during the intermission.

2. I studied fencing with one of the US Olympic Team coaches.

3. In spite of my texture issues and hinky food limitations, the only thing I’ve ever, um, ejected (for reasons other than illness) was broccoli.

4. I have lived in: North Dakota (Fargo), Tennessee (Memphis), Texas (Houston), Kentucky (Fort Thomas), North Carolina (Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary), and Massachusetts (Framingham, Sudbury, Ashland, Marlboro, Medfield, Medway). And Germany (Nuremberg) for five weeks, if that counts.

5. I earned a minor in History but because I was a double major in Linguistics and German, they wouldn’t recognize the minor. So I added it to my diploma with a Sharpie.

6. I’ve never smoked pot or eaten an artichoke. But I have jumped out of an airplane.

7. When I was a wee tot, I had to wear leg braces to straighten out my lower legs.

8. I’ve been in most of the prisons in eastern Mass.

The 8 Random Facts About Me game is much more fun if you omit or embellish key details.

I’ll tag, um, geez. Globular, Blunderprone, David, other players to be named later. (If I get around to it. Deplorable, no? Chessloser’s copout is even worse.) 


10 thoughts on “8 random facts

  1. as i said at chessPawnOgraphy, i already had this idea weeks ago, and did and still have my own plan for my own odd, if not random question and answer session, proof that idea is good, that not everyone enjoyed the previous tag version, and id rather hear things like:

    as a heteosexual male, how often are you asked out by gay men?

    what animal part is lodged in the center spline of your copy of Swartz-Salant’s Narcisistic and Character Disorder?

    Or which of your parents were arrested by the FBI and why, at age four months old…

    im hardly surprised at your list of accomplishments, proof to me of the already not insignificant certitude that you are an interesting dude, of myserius bent.

    warmly, david

  2. PS im working ten days straight, but will be writing amply close to home at an ideal vacation–home! near my pc, near my alclad, near my bathtub, near npr… near lake washington for a dip, with Reinfeld in tote near by…

  3. David – your version is in fact much more interesting!

    Reinfeld. One of his books earned me some rating points years ago but I’m blanking on the title. The tactics books of course were indispensable too.

    Matt – well done. The thing with your kids is fascinating. My wife and her sister share the same birthday 1 year apart – a condition their father referred to as “Irish twins”. I think you should have one more kid just to see if you can hit the same day again.

  4. Sharpie to modify diploma: $2
    Body paint, wig and loincloth: $15
    Successfully badgering other people to propogate chain postings: priceless
    (Don’t worry, it won’t happen again!)

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