Great blog names

Highly personal choices, but I love these names:

Brand Autopsy
LiquidEggProduct (’cause you know that’s on an actual food carton somewhere)
Magnosticism (maybe you have to be in publishing to appreciate this one fully)
Pasquinade (just a lovely word)


3 thoughts on “Great blog names

  1. Brilliantly subversive. Liquid Egg Product.

    In publishing there are sometimes doctrinal arguments about headlines and titles. For the most part, I favor clarity over cuteness. But if you’re going to write an obscure headline, I figure you might as well go all the way and make it so obscure that people go “What the heck does THAT mean!” and read the article because you’ve piqued their curiosity. And given a hint that something odd and clever awaits them.

    I furthermore regard your title as a commentary on the absurdity of the many artificial contrivances sold in America as food. (Whether you meant it that way or not.)

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