New England

Every day on the way to work I drive by an apple orchard. A couple of years ago they planted a row of new trees at one end – tiny branchless whippets at the time. No fruit on them that summer. Or the second summer. Or the third summer. But this year – apples!

Since I periodically carp about the weather or the traffic or the New England Speech Impediment, I should also take time to note some things big and small that are great about living here.

– Not only apples but also Asian pears. Right off the tree, crisp and juicy, yowza, best fruit on the planet. Or, ala’ Ming Tsai: Slice Asian pear into julienne strips, squeeze on fresh lime juice, crack some black pepper over the top. Or, ala’ my wife, use hand-picked Asian pear and apples to make applesauce.

– Low stone walls, old houses and barns, old mills.

– Good chess scene. Lots of Russians and Ukranians and semiretired Fischer-boom masters. 30 minutes or so to my fantastic Tuesday night chess club.

– Good restaurant scene. In fact I’m roughly equidistant from Boston and Providence, which has been described as the best per-capita restaurant town in the US.

The Black Cow. Creative homemade ice cream. The Tiramisu ice cream (which he hardly ever makes) is by a wide margin and without exaggeration or hyperbole the best ice cream in the history of the cosmos. When you can’t get that, the Ginger Snap is also fantastic. Frequently he makes flavors with Baileys or Kalua.

– Good sports scene. Golden age for the Patriots. Sox had their breakthrough. Boston College joining the ACC brought some semblance of college coverage up here.

– Foliage. Autumn is spectacular.

– Lots of smart, interesting and thoughtful friends, neighbors, co-workers. That might be true everywhere but I’m grateful for the ones I’ve got.

What’s great about where you live?


2 thoughts on “New England

  1. I miss New England very much. Have lived in FL for 22 years (its freekin HOT here). Born in Worcester, raised around New Haven, CT it has the world best pizza. You luck, lucky man!!

  2. Hi Paul – thanks. Florida has a lot going for it too.

    Every place thinks they make the best pizza. I found it hiliarious when I visited some place (maybe it was in Calif?) which had a restaurant serving “Boston-style pizza”, which I could only interpret to mean the pizza’s been sitting out on the counter all day.

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