Conchords renewed…

…to my surprise. To recap, I love the band and like the show, but thought it was too understated to make a living.

So perhaps I’m projecting in a big way here, but didn’t that season finale feel like they were preparing to sign off for good? They packed Murray and Mel off with another band, The Crazy Dogs. Maybe they were as surprised at their renewal as I was.

Incidentally, on the natural assumption that people in power at HBO read this blog (har), the consensus around my office is that Mel makes the show. Several people contemplated pitching in to make MORE MEL t-shirts and demonstrate outside the HBO offices.

If you haven’t caught the Conchords yet, their live performances are hilarious.


6 thoughts on “Conchords renewed…

  1. Derek, forgive my inclusion (no other place to message you, at this time), but time to time, i do big posts, and i just did a big one, if you care to stop by. sure not to disappoint. warmly, dk

  2. DK – Several days later, I’m still reading your post! Even with a low randomness factor, there’s so much there…

    Me, Sherri – A co-worker (himself a published novelist) said the show has limited prospects because “those characters have nowhere to go”. In this unusual instance, though, I’m not sure I want them to go anywhere. I like 30 minutes of them, once a week, just the way they are.

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