Good rum

The local liquor store has quite a selection of rums. Almost all of them are in the same price range with Captain Morgan, which gives me pause. Also the rise of the Dark and Stormy has given a lot of shelf space to dark rums which is of no use to me.

As I’ve mentioned, I prefer a very smooth rum, my favorite (though I’ve tried relatively few) being Westerhall Plantation, which is deucedly hard to find. Most recently I reached up to the top shelf and bought 10 Cane Rum, which promised to be smooth. But isn’t particularly.

So help me out here. What’s a good, smooth, mild rum that I stand a fair chance of finding in the average liquor store?


2 thoughts on “Good rum

  1. LOL. Wish I could help you. Rum is my favorite drink, but I drink very infrequently and when purchasing, pretty much pick out a random not-cheap, not-expensive bottle.

    The last rum I had was some from the Bahamas (one of the station managers from our airline brought some over). It wasn’t bad, but not overwhelmingly good (I didn’t bother to remember the brand), and it wouldn’t be widely available in the States anyway.

  2. I sort of get the sense that rum doesn’t suffer from the same level of connoisseur-ship that wine does. The liquor store provides no guidance, haven’t found a useful website. Maybe the old rot-gut is the old rot-gut.

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