Chess Carnival (another oxymoron?)

Jack Lemoine’s carnival of chess blogs is up and running. (If such a thing “runs”.)

I submitted an entry on a lark, based on Robert Pearson’s recommendation. The blog carnival input page doesn’t inspire confidence. But Jack’s thoughtful presentation is a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the effort, Jack.

A further surprise was that Jack’s work brought a favorable review of my entry on no less than Susan Polgar’s blog. (Even non-chessplayers may recall the famous Polgar sisters, weaned on chess, Judit having become the first female player to crack the overall top 10 list, Susan having won the women’s world championship.)

It may not be Rio, but the carnival has turned out well.

(The oxymoron reference follows on the delightful chess bashing in the comments here. I will probably refrain from mentioning “chess carnival” to my wife.)


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