MTV’s awards, i.e. turning 40 redux

My wife and I typically manage to watch one MTV awards show each year. Last night it was the MTV Video Music Awards.

This annual rite used to provide comforting assurance that I was still young at heart. About two years ago the switch got flipped and now it’s a barometer of how out-of-touch I am with pop culture – which frankly doesn’t bother me much.

Britney Spears’ performance is already being hacked to death all ’round the Web, but I’ll add one observation: The aggressively sexual content of much teen stuff used to look like a form of rebellion (or at least that’s what people have been saying for decades), but now it’s so over-the-top that it looks more like a marketing construct. Perhaps mixed with an expression on Britney’s part of “I can’t think of anything else to talk about.”


9 thoughts on “MTV’s awards, i.e. turning 40 redux

  1. Indeed. So what I’d expect to happen is that eventually the target market will say, This is ridiculous, and so they’ll go off in search of something more genuine, or at any rate less overt in its commercialism.

    Probably folk music.

    (Well, probably not.)

  2. i dont like the girl, or any of it, but the good buddhist values part of me actually sincerely feels sorry for her.

    she should just park her money in a managed commodity fund, and a long/short multi-asset hedge fund, with some deft part off shore in euros, yen, and brazilian reals, chain dollar weighted, some in china and the shanghai ‘a’, and spend the rest of her time,

    visiting sacred places, spiritual teachers, and washing the feet of the poor, teaching nepalise school girls to read, Inuit boys to cook or sew, and Costa Rican bus drivers wives to clean, and do this for three years, no cell phone, then she MIGHT know where the value chain is, but she is just one stop poney now,

    and is clearly grasping for clues, and attention, and failing, but still deserved of compassion despite priviledge, previous good looks now gone to seed, and bad behavior….

    she is still a child of god, and i feel for her.

    not that she has NOT brought it upon herself…


  3. DK – An enlightened perspective.

    I believe Alanis Morissette actually did pursue that sort of path after her mega mega mega platinum album in the mid-90s. Didn’t want to get screwed up by money.

    Matt – A less enlightened perspective :)

    Actually I must say I thought it particularly odious that she got slammed in various quarters for being “out of shape”. I have a daughter and (obviously) I don’t want her growing up like Britney Spears, but neither do I want her to think she has to weigh 75 pounds to be attractive. The standards are just ridiculous.

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