New York

I generally don’t like New York. It’s WAY too crowded. And expensive. On top of that the people are obnoxious and talk funny and only make eye contact when they want something from you (I learned walking down 2nd Avenue tonight). And those stinkin’ Yankees.

Well, that’s how I usually feel. But tonight is 9/11 and perhaps I see it through a different lens. Yeah, there’s an energy here. And a resilience. And a heck of a lot of good restaurants. Which as you know counts for a lot in my book.

There, NYC, there’s some love for ya. (Not that you care one way or the other!)


4 thoughts on “New York

  1. I have the same feelings about NYC–pain in the ass, dirty, stinky, rude people, but is there a better place for dinner and/or a show? I need to get to PERILLA!!

  2. you forgot, that is where food network is. and the ground floor of the food network building is the huge market with all that produce and food and stuff. although all the hookers and drug dealers have been replaced by the disney store, times square still has mtv studios. i kinda like new yawk….

  3. my point, which i forgot to make, is….it’s actually a lot cleaner and nicer than it used to be in the 70’s and 80’s. THAT is when NYC was rockin….it’s tame now…

  4. Believe me, I had Perilla on the brain, but had a dinner appt at Smith & Wollensky. And got in too late to wander around anyway.

    Didn’t think about Food Network – that would be another place I’d be interested to check out.

    Yeah, I give it a bum rap. So much to see & do. I don’t love a big crowd though.

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