The Haka

You say you didn’t know the Rugby World Cup is going on even as we speak? Love the article about how, despite two losses, the American team has big plans to popularize the sport. Yeah, sounds vaguely familiar to the longsuffering US chessplaying public.

Anyway, surely you’ve seen the Haka. The All Blacks, New Zealand’s team, opens every match with its Maori ceremonial war dance. It’s quite striking. Very primal. And I love the way the other team faces up and waits respectfully.

Maybe there’s hope for sports yet.

Side note. As Adidas made this commercial, non-rugby fans (which would include me) may have seen the Haka before. What you may not have caught is the Gingerbread version, which is mercifully much shorter…


9 thoughts on “The Haka

  1. Hi Shazgood – I ignore ceremonies to the best of my ability. That one sounds amusingly silly :)

    Thanks re: the blog. Your blog has a great look and name – I’ll have to rummage around further. I allegedly have Irish ancestry and my wife’s grandmother was born there, so I hope to visit some day, maybe as soon as next summer.

  2. Ah, yes, the All Blacks. About ten years ago, when ESPN used to show sports instead of talk shows, I loved seeing the All Blacks just because they seemed so cool.

    Now instead of being able to watch rugby or Australian Rules Football, we get to watch Skip Bayless and John Kruk argue about steroids in sports, like we haven’t gotten enough of that already. (Or, at least that’s how it was a few years ago. I haven’t watched any TV consistently in quite some time.)

    The sad refrain you referred to in the first paragraph is also sung by football soccer fans in America as well.

  3. Update: According to HOGDICK commenting over at David Churbuck’s blog, Italy disrespected New Zealand’s Haka in their September 8 World Cup match. The Italians were promptly crushed by a score of 76 – 14.

    The All Blacks followed that up by smoking Portugal by 108 – 13.

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