Fun blogs – a little help?

Funny, quirky chess blogs – they’re all over the place. And to those who write them, thank you. I greatly enjoy your work. Not even going to start listing because I’ll offend by omission.

Funny, quirky food blogs – there are even more of them and they get more outrageous. Amuse-Biatch, Accidental Hedonist, Liquid Muse, Matt Bites, Offal Good, a billion others.

But I’m currently hunting for funny, quirky blogs on certain other subjects – typically academic subjects – with much less success. Anyone who can point me to the funniest & quirkiest in the following categories, you’ll win the traditional Reassembler Contest Prize (i.e., nothing).

Are there no funny bloggers in….

– Botany. Particularly fungi.

– Particle physics.

– Economics. (Aside from Freakonomics.)

Ideas? Thanks.

Oh – p.s. – somebody *please* ask me about the header image. It’s a “before” photo…

P.p.s. why thank you, George. That little fella is a cavy, native to the mountains of Columbia. Here’s the “after” photo:cavy2.jpg Not sure if this is the particular one eaten by GM Tiviakov, but I discovered this years ago in a photo-journal covering his experience playing in a South American tournament. I believe he used the word “delicious”.


7 thoughts on “Fun blogs – a little help?

  1. Yes, I’m curious about the photo. But I expected to be spoon-fed the explanation instead of having to ask. ;)

    And I’m still curious about why the (RPS-playing) Fabio pic was ever up in the first place.

    Isn’t one of the pre-reqs for economists a missing sense of humor?

    1. I agree, a vacation is a state of mind. Different people feel relaxed in different ciustmcrances. Some love shopping while others lay on a beach. I guess whatever brings your mind to that zen state is what you need to find, and then find the location that makes it the easiest for your mind to get there.

  2. Economists – heh, yes, I think you’re right. Maybe I’ll start a blog called Dismally Funny.

    I actually saved the Fabio pic for a specific post which I never got around to doing (it involved photoshop).

    Anyway the current header image is now explained as a p.p.s. in the post itself, including the “after” picture of our little furry friend.

  3. “with popcorn” is all I remember – I understand that to be a common side dish in South American dishes, and I believe Harold did something along those lines (the popcorn, not the cavy) in Top Chef season one.

    1. clavijo / -ACMEC: fábrica de inventos (cÂoaecaminrs)-o¿Inventrr alternativa?-Mec, mec_Unión…. Progreso….. Democracia-Mec, mec-Ya están inventados-Mec, mec-Nada más hay que ponerlos en práctica, pero de verdad. Los experimentos, como decía aquel, con gaseosa.-Sake, sakeSaludos afectuosos a los upedianos de buena voluntad.

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