Fun blogs – a little help?

Funny, quirky chess blogs – they’re all over the place. And to those who write them, thank you. I greatly enjoy your work. Not even going to start listing because I’ll offend by omission.

Funny, quirky food blogs – there are even more of them and they get more outrageous. Amuse-Biatch, Accidental Hedonist, Liquid Muse, Matt Bites, Offal Good, a billion others.

But I’m currently hunting for funny, quirky blogs on certain other subjects – typically academic subjects – with much less success. Anyone who can point me to the funniest & quirkiest in the following categories, you’ll win the traditional Reassembler Contest Prize (i.e., nothing).

Are there no funny bloggers in….

– Botany. Particularly fungi.

– Particle physics.

– Economics. (Aside from Freakonomics.)

Ideas? Thanks.

Oh – p.s. – somebody *please* ask me about the header image. It’s a “before” photo…

P.p.s. why thank you, George. That little fella is a cavy, native to the mountains of Columbia. Here’s the “after” photo:cavy2.jpg Not sure if this is the particular one eaten by GM Tiviakov, but I discovered this years ago in a photo-journal covering his experience playing in a South American tournament. I believe he used the word “delicious”.

5 thoughts on “Fun blogs – a little help?

  1. Yes, I’m curious about the photo. But I expected to be spoon-fed the explanation instead of having to ask. ;)

    And I’m still curious about why the (RPS-playing) Fabio pic was ever up in the first place.

    Isn’t one of the pre-reqs for economists a missing sense of humor?

  2. Economists – heh, yes, I think you’re right. Maybe I’ll start a blog called Dismally Funny.

    I actually saved the Fabio pic for a specific post which I never got around to doing (it involved photoshop).

    Anyway the current header image is now explained as a p.p.s. in the post itself, including the “after” picture of our little furry friend.

  3. “with popcorn” is all I remember – I understand that to be a common side dish in South American dishes, and I believe Harold did something along those lines (the popcorn, not the cavy) in Top Chef season one.

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