Top Chef 3: New York

I go to Gulf Shores, Andrew Zimmern goes to Gulf Shores. I go to New York, Top Chef goes to New York. What gives?

You know, New York isn’t the town in America in the most dire need of more chefs. Couldn’t we have sent them to rescue the generally gawsh-awful restaurant scene in Mississippi, where, according to David McRaney, people queue up for hours for the grand opening of an Olive Garden?

But once they got in the kitchen, it was a kitchen. And the best chicken won (Hung), and the worst chicken lost (Sara), and the whole thing made me really want to fire up the stove. And that’s the real pleasure of watching Top Chef.


7 thoughts on “Top Chef 3: New York

  1. Amen brother. Personally, I don’t know how Malarkey made it to the Final Four, but when it comes down to it, you can’t promote someone who serves undercooked chicken.

    So, where are you going next?

  2. i honestly don’t see how a professional chef can screw up chicken. *I* am not a professional chef and i never screw up chicken. even when i try wacky weird things, the chicken gets cooked and is usually pretty damn juicy even if the flavor of the chicken makes me throw it out and order a pizza, at least i throw out a perfectly cooked horrible tasting piece of crap….

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  3. Hi Beth – agreed on all points. Before the show I expected Brian to be the next one off the island. (Which maintains my record of being wrong 100% of the time.)

    Next I go to Vegas. Wrong season I guess :)

    Chessloser – I have some kind of protein deficiency. It’s my big cooking weakness. I have to use a meat thermometer to get it right, whereas my wife can chuck stuff on the grill, set no timer, pay no apparent attention, chat & drink wine, walk out for 30 seconds again and return with perfect steak, pork, chicken AND/OR fish.

    Sara (h?) grew on me.

  4. I was positive Dale was going to get the boot last night–it has been the trend this season that whenever Jennifer Aniston from 97, err, I mean, Casey says that she’s “growing close” with someone, they go that week.

    Editors got me again.

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