A great wine label

This is the back label on 2003 Scrubby Rise Chardonnay, from Australia*:

“The Scrubby Rise vineyard (which is ironically flat and bereft of scrub)…”

This discussion came up over at Rob O’Regan’s wonderfully titled marketing blog (“Magnosticism”) last week – the curious inability of large companies to speak to their customers in anything resembling a human voice. By the time every communique goes through marketing and legal etc, it all sounds the same.

I know this is just a wine label, but at least it sounds like it came from a person instead of a department.

* Er, not that I’m drinking any on this relaxing early-Fall Friday night.


One thought on “A great wine label

  1. As a techy having worked with a marketing dept during an acquisition, I learned that marketers want to say what their product enables, thus laying claim to big values – as opposed to saying what something does, which can certainly be pretty boring in the case of software.

    Thus you can have a statement like “…this product enables all life to function as we know it today…” referring to a box of graphite – it’s up to you to extrapolate they mean Carbon is the basis of life.

    In software it’s particularly bad because everything is so commoditized, the differentiator is frequently in the “solution” (combinations of commodity and consulting glue), so it’s the “value the solution enables” that they glowingly refer to…

    It’s refreshing to see an honest label.

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