Three little piggies, part two

Cuban sloppy joes. You can find a billion recipes for this online so I’ll give a basic serving concept here. As with the most foods I make, you can adjust the ingredients to your liking. (Precision not my specialty.)

Sautee garlic, onion, green pepper in olive oil. Add ground pork, season with salt, pepper. Brown it. Add diced tomatoes (canned is an okay shortcut). Now the good part: Add oregano, cumin, cloves, a little cinnamon, and chopped green olives with pimento. Taste, adjust, cover, simmer on low heat. Now – add raisins! (You can put them in earlier but I find that they absorb too much liquid and reach a consistency I don’t prefer.) Simmer a bit more.

Borrowing the concept of pressed sandwiches, we serve this over an airy bread that we press in a George Foreman grill, not to the point of being toasted, but just to the point of being firmed up a bit. Gives you a great chewy consistency but still soaks up lots of the great flavor of the sauce.

The raisins are the big surprise here – people who “don’t like raisins” consistently comment about the excellent sweet but understated counterpoint they add underneath the cumin and cloves.


3 thoughts on “Three little piggies, part two

  1. I like cuban sandwiches – they are made with sliced pork and ham. I’m guessing your recipe could be adapted to cater to those who don’t like “ground” meat. But what about the addition of ham? Deleterious or delicious?

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