What I had for lunch today

Glad you asked.

I started with a miniature apricot-and-tequila scone. Quite fantastic. Then my sandwich arrived: spice-rubbed pork tenderloin on ciabatta with grilled red onion, chipotle mayo and arugula, plus fries and a cactus pear margarita.

There are so many expensive restaurants now going after the so-called “foodie” population with funky dishes and fancy decor, and much of the time they’re good. Not great. But this lunch was great. In fact, every bite was pretty much perfect. Would have ordered another one if I had even the tiniest bit more room left.

Who cares!? Is this what Liquid Egg Product would describe as an overwrought “grilled cheese post” giving the banal details of the blogger’s life?

Guess so. My only defense is that this lunch was at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, overlooking the sports book in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

What did YOU have for lunch today?



8 thoughts on “What I had for lunch today

  1. I had a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with seven goldfish crackers and about two ounces of store brand 1% milk in a plastic cup.

    You know, the usual parental meal :)


  2. :)

    Now taking votes from Reassembler’s regulars: Where should I eat while I’m here? Guy Savoy is only open on weekends. Spago? Something at the Bellagio or Paris? I’m determined that unlike most of my recent business trips, I’m not taking a rushed dinner at Subway.

  3. that bobby flay, he knows how to cook a lunch…(or more accurately, the mexicans in the kitchen know how to cook a lunch that bobby invented)…sounds awesome. i like posts about food.

    greg k – me too. i ate there, and holy freakin cow, it was spec-freakin- tacular.

  4. My lunch was ramen with an egg. Just a step or twelve down from your meal. (Although the brand of ramen was “the good stuff”, not that 16 cent garbage.)

    Technically, your post could be considered grilled cheese, but the food description makes it anything but banal.

    Never having been to Vegas, no recommendations. I can only vicariously enjoy the taste of your cuisine on the taste buds. Please pardon while I go cry into this can of Chef Boyardee.

  5. Egg – you crack me up!

    Greg, Chessloser – Dang, there’s a Nobu? Someone in my group has a fish allergy. Which is probably for the best because I would probably go WAY over my per diem…

    Today’s lunch was @ Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. Papardelle with braised beef bolognese, ricotta, basil. Simple, fabulous.

  6. I had lunch today! Cafeteria sandwich, but it was roasted chicken on focaccia, that counts as real food I think.

    I had dinner at Puck’s place in Disney. Best. Steak. Ever.

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